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About Us

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IMPACT Health, providing physiotherapy in Bonnyville, St. Paul, Smoky Lake and the Cold Lake area near Edmonton, AB, is dedicated to ensuring the latest evidence-based care, delivering it using the most modern technology available, and a holistic approach to health that allows each patient to receive a unique program of care to heal fast and effectively.

We are distinguished for our in-depth assessments and holistic approach that allows us to determine the undermining cause of your pain and treat it effectively. We treat causes, not just symptoms, and that makes the difference to the many patients who often feel long-term relief from acute and chronic pain for the first time in many months.

We see only two patients per hour, because we believe you need the one-on-one care of our licensed, experienced physiotherapists to not only perform the therapy, but to educate you on what is happening in your body and encourage you to be a partner in your care.

We have an enviable reputation for our success in the treatment of sports injuries, women’s health issues such as pelvic floor conditions, and work-related injuries and motor vehicle accident injuries.

We also successfully treat chronic pain conditions where the patient had given up hope they could find relief. Custom orthotics, disability claims, and vertigo and balance issues are among the many other health issues we address successfully.

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